Guide to Lodging a FREE beforeUdig Enquiry

Lodging an enquiry is a simple process, which can be done in two ways:

  • Online via the beforeUdig website;
  • Mobile website for Android phones or iPhone app.

Lodging an enquiry online is a simple process. If you are new to the beforeUdig service, just Register as a new user first.

You will then receive an email confirming your user name and password. Keep these details handy and use them each time you want to review past enquiries or lodge a new enquiry.

To lodge your enquiry online, follow these three simple steps:

Enquiry Details
  1. Provide details of your project, including start and expected completion date, type of work and the location of your project.
  2. If you are working on behalf of a utility or council or private entity. This will allow beforeUdig Members to provide you with the correct information to suit your project.
Map Screen
  1. Use the search tools to locate your project location.
  2. Use the mapping tools to draw your proposed project site.
  3. Describe the project so utilities can provide relevant set of plans.
  4. Submit enquiry.
Enquiry Summary
  1. A list of asset owners is displayed with contact details and information advising if they have been informed of your project.
  2. Each utility class is identified by a symbol for easy identification.



Receiving Information

  • Plans are the most common form of information you will receive from infrastructure owners detailing the location of their assets.
  • These plans DO NOT come from beforeUdig.
  • It is important NOT to proceed until you have received the relevant information from all asset owners affected by your project.
  • If the scope of your work changes or the validity date(s) of plan(s) expire (varies between asset owners), a new beforeUdig enquiry must be submitted.

Should you require further information, assistance or have not received plan(s), please contact the asset owner directly with the details provided on the Enquiry Confirmation Sheet.


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