Project Manager

HOW DOES beforeUdig WORK?

Accessing information regarding the presence of underground pipes and cables is made quick and easy using the online beforeUdig service. Follow the steps below to get access and to begin registering your works and getting access to Utility plans.


The online system is the easiest way to request plans from asset owners. All you need to do is to register your contact details with us. This enables us to send you confirmation advice for each request and the asset owners to know who you are and how to respond to you. As part of the registration process we will provide a username and a password that are unique to you. We will not pass on any of your information to any third party except where required to facilitate your request.


Request Plans
Once registered you can log in and request your plans. Make ONE enquiry by submitting the following details and beforeUdig will notify member asset owners of your proposed works. All details provided to us will be automatically passed onto each asset owner, who will contact you directly with plans and instructions about how to work safely.
Provide details of your planned works
The online service will ask for some specific details about your planned works including date, type of activity being carried out and location.
Draw the works on the map
Our mapping system enables you to draw the location of the works to help owners provide an accurate and detailed response.
Submit your request
Once you have drawn your works on the map and submitted the enquiry, the system will email you confirmation advice detailing your request. The enquiry confirmation summarises your enquiry and tells you which asset owners will be providing responses.


Plan and Commence your works
Using plans provided by member utilities you will be able to plan your excavation works providing as much clearance as possible to existing underground assets. If there are any assets present within your worksite, you should ensure the precise location of underground assets before commencing your work and follow safe digging practices. Be sure to protect any exposed assets in your work site from accidental damage. Remember plans are for guidance only and ultimately it is your responsibility to stay safe and prevent damage to utility assets.