New Zealand Certified Locator Program

When undertaking the practical skills assessment, you must have all the following equipment or items available to you.

Failure to do so will result in the assessment being cancelled. Any assessment fees paid will be forfeited, with re-assessment incurring additional costs.

  1. Complete beforeUdig enquiry for the assessment location ordered in the candidate's name (complete print outs in colour or loaded onto an at least 10-inch tablet).
  2. Photo ID.
  3. EMF locating instrument and calibration certificate (calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer's specification) with the following minimum requirements:
    1. Multiple frequencies (min of 1 Low, 1 Medium & 1 High Frequency)
    2. At least one sonde frequency
    3. Three active modes, Direct Connect, Inductive Clamp and Spill Induction
    4. Two passive modes, Radio and Power
    5. Separate Peak and Null Modes
    6. Be able to read Current Measurement
    7. Manual Gain control.
  4. Traceable duct rodding equipment and a sonde suitable for rodding a communication duct and at a frequency to suit EMF Locator.
  5. Suitable protection barriers for an open pit or chamber.
  6. Manhole keys.
  7. 3 x approved New Zealand road cones.
  8. Applicable safety management signs.
  9. Site record document, Asset location report or similar.
  10. Safety documentation (Take 5, JSA, SWMS).
  11. First aid kit.
  12. Hi Vis workwear or vest.

* Please contact us if you are travelling by plane and we will discuss exceptions to this list.