Latest updates and advice from our members related to COVID-19


ChorusChorus is moving to stop all non-essential field activity. 

From 24 March, the following priorities for Chorus field work will apply:

  1. Restoration activities – both copper and fibre
  2. Providing a broadband connection where there is no fixed connection
  3. Damage repair that has a H&S or customer impact
  4. L2 capacity augmentation that is deemed critical
  5. Building and engineering activities that are critical to the functioning of the network
  6. Build or connect work that supports a customer that is deemed an essential service such as RCG build

In-home work both restoration and connect – will only be completed where safe, applying the COVID-19 protocols already in operation.  If there is remaining field capacity once these priorities have been resourced, Chorus will continue to provide fibre connections.

SparkSpark is moving to stop all non-essential field activity. 

To provide service stability across all Spark and customer networks during COVID-19 pandemic BCP operations, all work on ICT, Power & Building services, IP Core, Mobile Core, Mobile Access and Transport networks is restricted. The Restriction means that all major changes, including configuration, build work and software loading will be reviewed with a view to limit change and prevent the loss or degradation of service to customers. This work restriction does not affect fault fixing, restoration and individual customer configuration work. Exemptions can be reviewed and approved by Technology/Triage managers.






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