'Go Live' Announcement

Whanganui District Council has successfully automated its beforeUdig response process through the use of PelicanCorp's TicketAccess hosted solution. Through the combination of membership to the beforeUdig service and automation with TicketAccess Whanganui DC has successfully standardised its asset protection processes for its ‘Three Waters’, providing faster response turnaround times and accurate data.

Senior Stormwater Engineer Kritzo Venter at Wanganui District Council explains that “Automating the responses allows officer time to be better spent on verifying and validating the background asset information that informs the automated system, rather than officers having to manually process and issue enquiries (a time consuming process, which can be quite inefficient at times). It also speeds up the service to the enquirer – with typical response times going from up to 5 business days to within half an hour.”