Important Announcement – Removal of Non-Member asset owners from the service.

Commencing 1st February 2018 there will be a change to the way you are informed of ‘non-member’ utilities and asset owners on the caller confirmation sheet. Any asset owner name with the status ‘not notified’ is now an associate member of beforeUdig which notifies only you of their presence and you will need to contact them directly for further information. These associate members will be indicated as shown in the below example.

You will no longer be informed of any asset owners whom are not a member of the beforeUdig service, the enquiry confirmation will not provide details of those asset owners so it is your responsibility to identify and contact directly any asset owners not listed here. A list of asset owners that we have identified but have chosen not to join the beforeUdig service is listed below. There will be no change to the way that you or the beforeUdig member asset owners are notified of your intention to perform works near their assets. Should you have any questions regarding this change please contact 0800 B4UDIG (248 344).

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