In early December, beforeUdig NZ brought over Steve Wood from Australia to complete the first week of practical assessments. Steve is a full-time assessor for the DBYD Certified Locator Programme and is a highly experienced Locator and Assessor. The practical assessment is a rigorous practical test of approximately two hours, whereby the Locator is assessed on the following elements to prove locating competency in each of these areas:

Locating equipment - Scope of work - beforeUdig enquiry lodgement - Work area orientation - Risk assessment - Approach to the locating task - Locating overview – Conductive: induction overview – Conductive: direct connect method – Conductive: inductive clamping – Conductive: inductive spillage – Conductive: using peak and null – Conductive: understanding depth measurements - Blind Search: passive - Blind Search: active, using inductive spillage - Non-Conductive Cable Locating - Transponders and marker tape - Using Sondes - Surface markings of underground utilities - Unlocated utilities – Housekeeping Reporting

Congratulations to all the candidates who have achieved certification. Those Locators are:

  • Ben Giles – Utility Scan
  • Robin Marshall-Lee – Safety First Service Locators
  • Callum Bruce – Reveal Infrastructure
  • Jordan Moratti – Reveal Infrastructure
  • Elle Archer – ELG
  • Damon Strong – Sub Surface Detection
  • Steve Welch – Sub Surface Detection

According to Andrew Healy - beforeUdig NZ Country Manager - the Certification is challenging, and I am confident that candidates not reaching the competency standard the first time will stay with the challenge and undertake further training and subsequent assessment in order to succeed. If knowledge, skills and capability are improved upon as a result of striving for the standard, everyone wins – the locator, utilities, contractors, customers and the community".

For those wanting training, beforeUdig NZ has some options outlined on the Certified Locator website ( – this includes Locate Management’s online training course. NULCA NZ will also be running two-day training courses in February.

In 2020 beforeUdig NZ has set aside dates in March and June for practical assessments. If you want to get certified, it is important to consider enrolling by the end of January and starting the process. Depending on the location of candidate enrolments, practical assessments will be held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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