Ultrafast Fibre is a leader in New Zealand’s fibre revolution, established in 2010 to build the governments national UFB initiative which provides fibre access to more than 195,000 homes, business, schools and healthcare facilities in the Waikato, Taranaki and Bay of Plenty regions through a network of more than 3000km of cables.

As their network of assets increased rapidly, Ultrafast Fibre realised the need to protect these assets to ensure that their services were not interrupted by third party excavation damages. This created a challenge to Ultrafast Fibre for locators and excavators that required details of the locations of their underground assets without  having an external GIS system in place to provide mapping tools.


Upon review, Ultrafast Fibre decided to join beforeUdig NZ as members in 2013. As the network grew, so did the number of contractors requesting utility plans and Ultrafast Fibre identified that beforeUdig could provide one package with the asset location information requested by the excavator to enable them to perform their works without damaging Ultrafast assets.


By automating their beforeUdig responses with the use of PelicanCorp’s TicketAccess service, Ultrafast Fibre successfully reduced the volume of damaged cables and improved with efficiencies of plan response automation with less disruption to their customers.

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