Transpower was operating a radio network for all internal information back from their power grid, however in 2009 they upgraded to a fibre network and became the 4th largest fibre asset owner in NZ. This created multiple challenges for Transpower including how they would safely protect their underground assets and those working around them; and how they would respond to enquiries with utility plans.


Transpower signed up as members of the beforeUdig service to help ensure their contractors could work safely and protect their underground assets. They also leveraged the information provided by beforeUdig and extended this coverage to include cables and overhead assets. In addition Transpower automated their response process through the use of PelicanCorp’s TicketAccess asset location plan response solution.


By combining their membership with the beforeUdig service and PelicanCorp's automated response engine TicketAccess, Transpower have standardised their asset protection and operational health and safety processes. With faster response turnaround times and more accurate data, Transpower can focus on continuing to providing a safe work environment.

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