Primo, a broadband provider based in Taranaki, was initially established with a primary focus on delivering wireless broadband to remote communities. Under the leadership of Matthew Harrison, Founder and Managing Director, Primo has successfully broadened its range of services and recently expanded its operations into the realm of fibre infrastructure.

In a strategic move to protect their substantial investment in the underground fibre network, Primo became a member of beforeUdig for asset protection. The membership process, overseen by Matthew Harrison, was executed with precision and efficiency. Shortly after joining the service, Primo witnessed a noticeable increase in requests for planning and work near its infrastructure, emphasising the prompt and tangible impact of beforeUdig in ensuring the security and integrity of Primo’s assets.


Facing the challenge of safeguarding their newly invested capital in building an underground fibre network, Primo turned to beforeUdig for a solution. Membership became a necessity not only to make others aware of the network’s existence but also to secure its future longevity..


The process of joining beforeUdig proved to be straightforward for Primo. The sales and implementation were seamlessly executed, with the beforeUdig staff providing valuable assistance during the setup and addressing any teething issues. Adding updates for expanding assets into the system was a simple and efficient process.

Outcome and Future

Primo now rests assured, knowing that their network enjoys the same level of protection relied upon by other, larger telecommunications companies.


  • Substantial number of requests for planning and work near infrastructure.
  • Enhanced confidence in asset protection.

This collaboration has enhanced Primo’s confidence in asset protection, showcasing the seamless integration of a forward-thinking broadband provider into a critical infrastructure protection network.

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