How is the modern-day contractor working smarter not harder? Are they being more productive with the software available to them enabling greater effectiveness and efficiencies when working “off the tools”?

In an effort to improve operations, efficiency and productivity on jobsites more contractors than ever before are looking to the market for cutting-edge technology solutions. According to a recent report, 62% of contracting companies are experimenting with smart tools and software solutions to reduce the work load when not on the tools. With a nearly 20% increase on the 2016 figures, it indicates that contractors are actively seeking new ways to address challenges.

There is a vast array of new technologies and products available on the market that can assist the construction industry, including drones, 3D scanners, 360-degree video and virtual reality simulators. And while these tools certainly assist with the planning and production elements for contractors, what about the scheduling and actioning for projects?

The Solution is Now:

In a world where software solutions are readily available in the palm of our hand contractors now have access to tools that can simplify and streamline the underground damage prevention requirements of a job.

Across New Zealand, it takes on average 5-10 minutes to complete a beforeUdig enquiry – starting with job submission right through to receiving all asset location information and sending it out to crews in the field. These efforts can include logging the original job online or via a call center as well as the manual collation processes involved in sorting responses based upon the individual job.

The burden this creates for contractor organisations doing large numbers of enquiries is huge. However – through the use of online services now available why not have asset location responses collated for you?

There are cloud based solutions that will automatically collate your incoming beforeUdig plan responses into a single job pack for each project, notifying you upon completion via a single email. Such systems allow you to reduce the workload of the project planning team and ensure your crew on site have all the information they require.

Contracting crews in the field often find paper printed plans get easily damaged, marked or ruined and printed plans can be unclear and low-quality print with small, hard to read markings. These services, by providing readily available digital copies of the asset location responses, can also eliminate the previous risk of plans being damaged on site. They can also be zoomed in and out to improve legibility.

Ensuring the safety of workers is critical in any industry, so maintaining that workers have easy access to the information they need to work safely is paramount. With a collated single job pack accessible via a tablet on site, contractors have the information they need to work safer and smarter in their hands, available 24 x 7.

If you are ready to take control and work smarter, not harder with the collation processes of your beforeUdig plans contact the team for more information on how our PlanAccess solution can start reducing your costs today.