In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, a myriad of businesses all around the world are placed in a tremendous financial burden of keeping up with their business despite the rising trend of the disease. The world is in an uproar around the dreadful virus that is sweeping the entire world. This has resulted in a significant change in the operational standards of many utility industry players.

In compliance with the strict government protocols regarding the new normal in the construction field, PelicanCorp - the global leader in damage prevention solutions - has announced that they have acquired Geolantis: a company that offers workforce management, data collection, asset inspection, and mapping capabilities. Consequently, a more complete portfolio will reinforce the PelicanCorp’s goal to help asset owners, contractors, and locators to adjust its strategies during this unprecedented time through digital acceleration.

The latest Geolantis solutions can help companies to transform their paper-based work into digital workflows. This transformation will assist businesses to improve their operational efficiency, increasing utilities’ visibility among their networks. Furthermore, the adoption of digital workflows will enhance the service provided by locators, contractors and sub-contractors, creating a secure and accurate information chain. As a result, utilities will have a more efficient data collection & investigation process, improving control and reducing costs on unproductive tasks.

Duane Rodgers – PelicanCorp CEO – affirms that the Geolantis solution is anticipating a digital dependent environment where intelligent processes will be essential. "We are pride in offering damage prevention solutions based on the needs of the market and out partners", says Rodgers.

According to the report made by IDC, almost half of all the businesses in the industry are leaning toward data to generate insights regarding their products, services, ecosystems, experiences, and business operations. PelicanCorp is embracing this trend by offering end-to-end solutions, enabling clients to accelerate their data processing and generate valuable information.

This unprecedented crisis has emphasized the importance of adopting new-age technologies to survive in the new normal. The key here is to implement a business-continuity culture which allow business operations to function even during this dreadful pandemic. Technological solutions - such as automation - continue to reshape the future of business in the best way possible.