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As an online service provider, we understand the vital role of impactful branding and visual identity in reaching our audience and forging connections.

That's why we embarked on a journey to create a new logo, one that resonates with our growth objectives and encapsulates our modern, innovative, and technology driven approach. This new visual identity isn't just about aesthetics; it's about fortifying our brand's presence and empowering us to elevate our marketing strategies.

The Reasons Behind the Change


Transform our logo to represent a contemporary, technology focused design that harmonizes with our brand identity and speaks directly to our target audience.


Craft a logo that's not only visually appealing but also adaptable and effortlessly identifiable across a wide array of marketing channels and touchpoints.

Strategic Aligment

Guarantee that our new logo seamlessly aligns with beforeUdig's brand positioning, values, and overarching strategic goals, with a special emphasis on our commitment to technology innovation.

The logo
You're an Essential Part of Our Story

As a valued member of the beforeUdig community, you play a key role in shaping our company narrative. Together, we are on a journey to empower individuals and organisations to streamline their excavation projects and protect infrastructure from damages to happen.

This handbook, is your trusty companion. It ensures that whenever we share our story, it's done with consistency and clarity. We want you to be well equipped with the knowledge and tools to represent beforeUdig in the best way possible.

Your dedication, ideas, and commitment drive our progress, and we are excited to continue this collaborative journey with you. Thank you for being an integral part of beforeUdig's narrative.






Old vs New

BuD old logo

BuD new logo