New Zealand Certified Locator Program


To renew your certificate, you will need to provide a statutory declaration to verify that you have done a minimum number of 100 hours of locating in the last 12 months and confirm that you use the required equipment. Download a blank statutory declaration form OR fill out our online form to create a pre-filled statutory declaration.

Once you have completed your statutory declaration, complete the form below, and we will contact you shortly after to provide instructions on how to proceed with the following steps:

  1. Update your contact details where required
  2. Upload your current photo for the Locator ID card
  3. Upload your completed statutory declaration
  4. Pay the renewal fee of $375 + GST for one year, or $275 + GST if on the Nulca NZ website you are listed as an Individual Member, or are the designated contact for any Location Services Organisation member.

Renewed certificates will be valid for one year.

If you are unable to provide the statutory declaration, you will be required to undertake a practical assessment and present the required equipment. An additional fee of $595 + GST applies. Once you have successfully passed the practical assessment, your certificate will be valid for two years.


Any Certified Locator who fails to renew before their certificate expiry date will be considered deregistered and removed from the list of Certified Locators.

Any deregistered Certified Locator must complete the renewal process within one calendar month of expiration or will be required to enrol as a new candidate.


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